Not So Grounded

We are two students getting through college one coffee at time. Driven by idealist convictions and caffeine addictions, we are exploring DC coffee shops. Finding coffee, community and culture in the District.


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We all can agree this has been the best winter ever?! I had iced coffee today and that is just…wow. GLOBAL WARMING for the win? My grandkids may never see a polar bear but I will enjoy my iced coffee in mid February thank you very much! 

Swirly delight.

Getting fancy with reflections, we will forgive them for adding milk….this time. #blackpower

SPLAT! coffee, yums. 

Sometimes a little tea is in order. 

but first, coffee. 

I mean, how in love are you with these COTTON HEADS enjoying a cup of invisible caffeine!? 

What you galls are doing. Is my exact plan once I graduate here in a few months! Heck we might even bump into each other someday. Keep strong coffee lovers, keep strong! Life's too short stay awake :)


haha LOVE IT! 

Send all your good coffee vibes our way, but really if you have anything to say about great coffee shops we want to hear it!


Mmmm creamy good.

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